System upgrade

I have an old (2012) arduino emonTX based PV diverter with two prioritised dump loads and I would like to connect my open evse charge point as a third load. The arduino emonTX has a UHF connection to the remote load and GLCD displays but no wifi or Ethernet connection.

Today I installed emoncms on a raspberry pi and can log into it OK but I know zilch about it.

So my question is what is the easiest way to end up with a three level PV divert system that includes the open evse?

I am happy to dump the existing stuff and start again if necessary as the old system has earned its keep having diverted over 10MWh of power.

Is the sketch one of Robin’s? It sounds very much like it.

I would say modify your existing diverter sketch to add the third level of decision making, with the appropriate logic to determine priorities; i.e, do you give priority to one or the other original loads or the evse, or share the energy, and if so in what proportion?

Thanks @Robert. No, this is Martin Roberts sketch but with a lot of my modifications. I can easily add a third level but my problem is how to communicate with the open evse and emoncms. No doubt things have moved on a great deal since I was into this 6 years ago.

Sorry, I haven’t followed in detail the discussions about evse, so I can’t be of much help. But I too have customized MartinR’s sketch (not for myself - and in the event it was never used), so I’m reasonably familiar with it.

(The reason it was never used: the REC didn’t come and change the meter, so as well as getting FIT payments, the meter unwound when exporting. :roll_eyes: :joy: Then the prospective user moved house.)