Sync historic data from online CMS to local CMS

My local emonpi stopped working out of the blue the other day and I failed to get it going again (it would just hang on "booting, please wait… ").
So I flashed a new SD and then imported a backup from the old, not working, one. Everything looks fine now except there are large chunks of historical data missing, I assume the database had somehow got corrupted.
All the historic data is online at though. Is there a way to sync the two so the missing data is replaced on my local CMS?


Hello @Bigalboyo yes you can download the data from using the emoncms sync module. Click on Setup > Sync and then enter your details on the Sync feeds page. You should then be able to download the feed data from

Hello, newbie here. I’ve got the opposite problem. I started using local monitoring with my emonpi and now have got it logging on Is it possible to pull the history from my local emonpi into

Welcome, Scott, to the OEM forum.

Have you looked at the Input API Help on I’ve never had a need to use it, and I’m not an emonCMS expert, so I can’t give you any more help than this.

Thanks, all have a look. I was hoping there was a button I could press!

Hello @Scottb15 do you want to use so that you can access your data remotely? if that is the reason, have you considered using a remote access solution such as dataplicity to access the data on your emonpi? Remote Access - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Yes, that was the plan but as I was fiddling about I managed to stop capturing the inputs locally and only captured on I’m not sure how I did it but I’d now like to get the history I’ve previously captured locally merged with the data now being captured on

Hello @Scottb15 there is a bit of a longwinded way to merge the data into the data that you have already recorded locally with the merged feeds being on your local pi. It’s not possible to upload the historic data easily to but it is possible to download the data to your pi…

The process is to use the emoncms sync module to download the data and then use the post process module to merge the downloaded feed with the local feed…