Sync feeds

I’m using emoncms local install on a RPi 3.

I have a solar PV system.

My emonTx v3 is sending data every 10 seconds collected at connection point of my house (three phase, using three phase sketch), thus giving me both positive (importing) and negative (exporting) readings. This is then used to calculate total watt usage at the moment (by sum of the three phases) and cumulative kWh.

My Solar PV is not monitored by CT’s but instead i’m reading the inverter with SBFspot software, putting these numbers into another Node in emoncms. This node is though updated once a minute (the shortest update interval cronjob is able to do).

SBFspot provides me with actual watt and cumulative kWh numbers of my Solar PV.

Im using a calculation to be able to provide a actual house watt usage feed even when sun is shining more than I’m consuming (which then would give me negative readings and not report my house usage at the moment). This calculations is “power of my three phases” + “actual watt from solar pv”.

The problem i’m encountering is when using the Solar APP in emoncms. Lets say SBFspot reports 500w of solar energy, house is consuming 800w. The actual numbers reported by my CT’s is then around 300w but 500 of these 800watts is coming from the solar PV.

Suddenly clouds move away and my solar PV starts to produce 4000watts and my CT’s update some moments before SBFspot and cronjob. This gives me a problem that my house is reportedly not consuming anything at that moment which is wrong.

This has to do with that solar PV production raises and does not report in time before the CT’s reports. Is it possible to sync these feeds. I have tried to change my CT’s feed report intervall to 60sec with PHPFINA but it is not reporting at the same time i’m afraid.