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Switching off EmonEVSE

Is there a way to disable the EmonEVSE? So maybe when I’m on holiday, or away from the house, people can’t just use my charging point?

You can disable the push button on the side of the unit with the NodeRed command openevse/rapi/in/$FF B 0 and re-enable the button with openevse/rapi/in/$FF B 1
You can also disable the charger with the command openevse/rapi/in/$FD and re-enable it with openevse/rapi/in/$FE.

That said, the easiest thing to do if you were that worried is to simply power off the EVSE via the MCB breaker in your consumer unit. Have a look at this for more thoughts on the subject:

Thing is, I wouldn’t begrudge an EV user a charge if they needed it. They could have literally ran out of charge, or don’t quite have enough charge to make it to the next charge point. It could be Christmas and a neighbour has relatives come down and need a way to charge the car before they returned home? As long as they asked & bung me a couple of quid, more out of courtesy, it’s no real issue to me.

I wouldn’t begrudge anybody asking me to use the charger, it was more a thought for preventing any unwelcome users. But I can just leave it in eco mode and they can have any free solar power we have :+1: