Support for extra C.T using Analog 3 (D17)

Hi Guys

Would it be possible to add a third C.T sensor by soldering on an extra wire on the unused Analog 3 pin? My intention is to replicate the burden resistor setup of the 2 existing C.T’s.

I know that I need to modify the official firmware and increase the number of inputs to emonhub.

The real question. My electrical setup has 3 phases which are separated by 120 degrees. Would it be possible to compute adequate instantaneous powers by using the existing voltage measurements for the first phase and add correction terms of 120 and 240 degrees for the two other phases?

Thanks in advance
Jens Munk Hansen

I doubt whether the processor in the emonPi (I am guessing that this is what you are referring to) is capable of running the 3-phase sketch and servicing the incoming radio messages from other devices that you have, or might have in the future, all at the same time. D3 is the pulse input, therefore you will not be able to have an optical, or any, pulse sensor.

If you are happy to lose the radio and pulse input, then it should be possible, quite easily, to adapt the 3-phase sketch for the emonPi. It might be possible to retain the emonPi’s display, but I cannot say that for certain.