Struggling with input processing


I have a 3 phase supply but a single phase grid tie inverter.

I am struggling with input processing. I have a CT on EmonTx CT2 which is the blue Phase from the grid.
I have a CT (On a different EmonTx) on my newly installed grid tie inverter which is also connected to the blue phase.

I want to measure the building usage on the CT2 Phase.

The CT2 is reporting -127 as I am exporting to the grid.
The solar CT is reporting 570 being generated .

I need to create a feed that shows 443 which is what the building is using on the CT2 phase (exported - generated).

I must be doing something wrong because every process I have tried fails to give me the answer.



Hello Ian

I think the guide for type 2 solar should do what you want, see down the page here, titled: “Type 2 System Setup”: