Strange cumulative power totals

Hi there,

I’m approaching the end of my first month of EmonPi + EmonCms usage, having moved over from Efergy Engage. The OEM ecosystem is a different world - very impressive!

However, a quick question on something I’ve noticed with the power totals.

Both of the screenshots below show ALL of my data, to date, but they show different totals at the bottom. Indeed, if I take the whole year view and zoom to different levels, always including ALL of the data, I get different totals each time.

Can this be explained?

Great to hear that you are enjoying the system @chriswallis.

Yes these totals are calculated from the power data in the view that you are looking at. When you zoom out you are loading relatively few datapoints and so the kwh values are less accurate than if you are zoomed right in. Those totals are more designed for use when looking at scales of 1-7 days really.

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