Stop emonPi reporting base nodeID

I have tied a 3G modem to a EmonPi which is acting as a ‘base station’ to relay a couple of emontxv3 up to emoncms. Since there are no CTs connected to the EmonPi, and it keeps adding the node ID 5 payload to the HTTP data uploaded to emoncms. I am restricted to data of about 2mb/day via the 3G modem due to limited credit.

Is there a way to reduce the payload by stopping the EmonPi from sending it’s base ID data and only push the emontxv3 data? I would have thought setting the base ID to something that is not described in the emonhub config, but it still seems to carry on sending the data regardless.

Any ideas?


You are right there should be an option to stop the emonpi board passing a value payload out to emonhub.

You might be able to set the datacodes = string to something that is obviously wrong to get emonhub to reject the payload. Since emonhub is checking the size of the payload you can either just delete/comment out part of the datacodes = array, add another datacode, if you change the array, you need to be sure the sum of the value datatype sizes is incorrect (eg h and H are 2 bytes, l and L are 4 bytes etc).

An empty or single datacodes will most likely cause an error, and a single datacode (no “s”) will set a more flexible criteria that is less likely to cause a rejection.

It’s not an ideal solution but it should work, the consequence will be errors in the emonhub.log every 10 secs that makes it quite messy but they can be overlooked if you are aware.