Sourcing emonTx Parts - USB socket


I’m building a couple of emonTx boards and trying to source all the parts. My only doubt is the Mini-USB b socket.
Can anyone recommend a matching part-code from e.g. RS or Farnell?

Many thanks, Barry.

From memory I think they may be sourced from rapidonline perhaps @glyn.hudson ot @TrystanLea can confirm.

USB socket is Farnell: 565790511

Many thanks.

Sorry for another dumb question but I’ve lost the emonTX V2 build guide… all links seem to take me back to the home page.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have all the parts and the Eagle files, just want to sanity-check before I start soldering.

Many thanks, Barry.

Wayback Machine?

The emonTx V2 firmware, hardware design and build guide are all together in the emonTx V2 repo on github:

Thanks for reporting the broken link, I will set an auto redirect.