Some error after installation

Hi guys.
Excuse me for my English.
Yesterday I’ve installed emoncms on my shared host and everything seems to be OK.
Today when i click on Event or Visualization i get this error :

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home/proud116/public_html/emon/emoncms/Modules/process/process_processlist.php on line 130

Also when I click on “Feeds” I see “loading…” and then nothing…
I don’t change any stored file in the server and it’s very odd to me what happen that I get this error
Please help

Fortunately that problem was solved by adding a new user .but when I create a dashboard and update input data it does not update previous data and create a new input!
please see the bellow screen shot:

Tell us more about the payload, presumably coming from an esp 8266.
Is it a single value? or multiple values in each post?

It looks like there is no node identification (nodeid or nodename) which is causing the input to be recreated each (this is an issue seen before with node 0, which is assumed if value omitted). And then if you have something like “name= esp82” in your url that should be the input name/index not the node name/id.

Show us an example url from your esp8266 (hide/change the domain and apikey), you should test it manually via a browser and once it’s right, correct the esp8266 sketch.

Yes it is for my esp8266 nut until now I only test it throw my browser.
This is what I put in my browser:{esp82:97.2}&apikey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

And i get OK in my browser.
I also test similar thing for my account and everything is good but in my own server I’m face with this problem!
Please help

Dear friends my problem was solved with this url:{esp82:47.2}&apikey=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I hope that I don’t face with another problem :smile_cat:

Unfortunately I’m facing with another problem. :disappointed:
When i want to export feed data I get this error:
{"success":false,"message":"Request datapoint limit reached (8928), increase request interval or time range, requested datapoints = 82800"}

How I can increase datapoint limit to nearly unlimited value?

take a look at the Request datapoint limit until 8928 points thread

Thanks bro.
I’ve edit this line of code in PHPFINA ,PHPFIWA and PHPTIMESERIES:
if ($req_dp>100000) return array('success'=>false, 'message'=>"Request datapoint limit reached (100000), increase request interval or time range, requested datapoints = $req_dp");

But nothing changed! I think it need restart to works but I’m in shared host and I can’t do such a thing. :sweat:

Surely there is some way of restarting apache2 or perhaps disabling and re-enabling the site momentarily might work?

I don’t think you need to restart httpd for this kinda code.
Have you some kinda error log on your account ? I wonder if you’re not bumping on max execution time or other security mesure.

Thank you host provider solve that problem.
as you can see I changed the default user login image to esp8266:

Now I want to change the default page title (Emoncms user login) to esp8266_datalogger.but I dont know how to do this:

Is there anyway to change the default page name?

I’m waiting for your reply.
Please HELP :raising_hand:

Have some patience. You are not the only person in @bidouilleur’s life.

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Have you looked through the code at all?

Could this be waht you are looking for?

Dear bro you are my saving angel. :innocent:
My knowledge level is blow ZERO
I searched all emoncms files for ‘Emoncms’ with notepad++ and it showed me a tons of that word that confused me!
Thanks again for your help. :raised_hands: