SOLVED -- EMONCMS MODULES trying to use emoncms-ted module but not receiving data

Hi I am trying to get my TED pro to communicate with emonCMS and send it data. There is a git hub script here ( GitHub - lab11/emoncms-ted: The Energy Detective plugin for EmonCMS ) and I have followed the instructions but it is not wiorking I am getting a 406 error on the TED and if I go to I get:

URI not acceptable. No controller ‘ted’. (/)

this seems to indicate to me that some error has blocked the module, but emoncms-ted does appear in the server information on the administration page as one of the modules.

I am not familiar with php and I am having a hard time figuring out where the problem is. am I missing something super obvious?

using low-write 9.7.8 | 2016.11.10


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I succeeded to get it to “activate” and resolved the URL not acceptable error by changing the name of the folder it was in in /modules/ from “emoncms-ted” as assigned by the gitclone to “ted” but I am not getting the inputs yet and the ted is indicating a 404 error when it is trying to send its data. but after the activation the device shows as having updated so some progress…

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OK, for anyone who might care i seem to have figured it out…

the ted was trying to post to /ted/post.text rather than /emoncms/ted/post.text so I edited line 108 of ted_controller.php from ‘/ted/post.text’ . to ‘emoncms/ted/post.text’ . now receiving data to emoncms!

I am just not sure how accurate it is yet since it seems to disagree with the TED.

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