Solved 22S MQTT logging on EmonPi, Cant log all 22 cells

Since I have started logging data through MQQT to my EmonPi my 22S LTO bank month ago, I have not been able to log all 22 cells to my MQTT server, In the diyBMS setup, i when I setup in to Bank 0 and 1, it set 11 cells into to Banks evenly, today I decide to manual configure Bank 0 and moved the first 5 cells from bank 1 to bank 0, making Bank 0 into 16 cells and Bank 1 into 5 cells, I don’t know if this is a software issue only related to the diyBMS or the EmonPi, so looks like if you don’t fill up the whole 16 cells on Bank 0 you have this problem, this might not be a problem to anyone that has a 16S or less.