Solar PV, Panel Level monitoring

Hi People,
This is my first post here, Thought i would post as i have not come across an answer in the forum. Trying to decide a path, Planning to have solar installed and had a quote for Solar Edge which gives panel level monitoring. I wondered if the open energy monitor can be set to do the same thing. Was it worth spending the extra money on solar edge inverter or setting up this system to break free from the ties of these manufacturers ?

Cheers Mark

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Open Energy Monitor can only show data that is made available to it. If your solar system makes panel level data available, then OEM should be able to log and display it. If your solar system doesn’t make it available, then there’s nothing OEM can do.

I gather from reading the Data Scraping, How? thread that APS can do it. I have Enphase microinverters, which collect the data and make panel level data available via their website, but it’s not available to my OEM system. Only the total generation is. I don’t know what Solar Edge or any other firms provide.

@tintin007 I suggest looking at this repo.

Hi Kobuki,

Thanks for pointing this out. I will take a look, Marking as a solution. cheers tintin007