Solar PV installation

Hi - after some advice, I’ve noticed one of the circuit breakers is ‘off’ (the one marked with a 1 beneath the isolator switch on the generation meter) - should it be off? I’ve never noticed before so don’t know whether it’s always been like that…

Consumer unit is on the left !

Welcome, Daz, to the OEM forum.

This is a good question - I don’t think anyone except the people who installed it can tell you, without taking things apart and looking inside.

I’d have no hesitation in taking the cover of that 2-way consumer unit, and looking to see what’s connected where. But unless you’re absolutely certain that you know what you’re doing - don’t touch it.

Does that flat grey cable, going into the bottom of the 2-way C.U, come from the PV inverter? It looks to me as if it should do, in which case I assume that’s on the first mcb (we always count from the switch), and the second (the marked one) is a spare. I can’t read the ratings on the breakers, so no clues there.

Hi yes the grey flat cable at the bottom is from the inverter. I’ve just never noticed - you assume switches should be ‘on’ but who knows?! Hah - will get urn checked out. It’s generating and registering on the meter etc.

If it isn’t connected to anything, then I don’t think it will stay on (I could be wrong).

It stays on (closed) if I switch it :joy: but no *obvious *consequence so still none the wiser

Sorry, but I’m certain you are. There’s no mechanism inside a normal m.c.b. to detect the presence of a load, nor a wire in the terminal. If the former, you’d need to reset the breaker every time you wanted to switch something on. The latter makes a bit more sense, but why? If it’s not used, it makes no difference what position it’s in.

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