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Solar divert without mqtt


I have an OpenEVSE that works well. I have been charging the EV at night on low tariff.
I have solar which up to now I have been using to charge a storage battery. However now that the days are longer and brighter I have surplus PV so am looking at the pv divert option.
As I understand it this can only be achieved using mqtt. Is this correct? The reason I ask is that for some reason my OpenEVSE will not stay connected to mqtt. The Wifi connection has been rock solid.



Correct, MQTT is required for solar PV divert. What MQTT broker are you trying to use? Please post details of your setup including OpenEVE WiFi module firmware version.

I guess, it would be possible to send commands to the unit via HTTP to charge the charging current. You will need then to code the solar PV divert algorithm yourself externally.