Sketch for emonTx Shield - energy monitoring & Mk2 diverter

Hi all,

I have an emonTx shield which I am currently using to monitor my house energy usage. I have purchased and built the Mk2 solar diverter output board supplied by Robin, which I’m looking to hook up to my emonTx.

From what I can see, the sketches that are available all replace the energy monitoring functionality. I’m wondering if there is an available sketch which combines the standard emonTx code with PV diversion functionality?

Where did you look? The starting point is Learn→PV Diversion→Introduction

My immediate suggestions would be:

a) to use MartinR’s PLL sketch. From memory, that includes provision for two c.t’s (one measuring grid power and one measuring PV generation) and reports by radio just like the “standard” emonTx Shield sketches. You might need to change some I/O designations to suit your Shield (and did you mean emonTx or emonTx Shield, because they are not the same thing?)

b) to take one of Robin’s sketches - possibly Mk2i_PV_Router_rev6a - and change the appropriate I/O designations to suit your Shield.

I have read through that section of the website yeah.

So I guess both of those sketches send energy usage data to emonCMS just as the emonTx Shield would (it is indeed a shield)?

I only have one CT connected to this shield since it’s not possible for me to connect a second CT to monitor the PV output from where it’s located. The measurement takes into account solar generation (i.e. goes negative when PV output exceeds consumption, type 2 I believe). In which case, is a second CT required for PV diversion or is it purely for the monitoring stats?

Yes, that’s correct.

That’s correct. Both work to balance the nett grid energy to zero (if possible) and for both, the “PV” c.t. is purely for information.

Great, so as you say it should just be a case of assigning the I/O pins correctly.

Thanks for the help.