Showing input values in dashboard without logging to feed

Is there a way to show input values directy in the dashboard without logging to a feed? I want to show a huge set of values without logging them.

Or is there a way to avoid waste logging memory if some values just need to be displayd in the dashboard?

Maybe I’m just blind and don’t see the way how to do that.


Short answer - no. It is a fundamental part of how Emoncms works.

You could just publish the data to MQTT and pick it up from there on a different dashboard - Node-Red for instance. How is data getting to the input, if MQTT, you could just build the dashboard in NR.

Thanks for that quick answer @borpin !

Meanwhile I found a suitable solution by playing arround: As the values on the dashboards are updated on every input change very fast ( I was not aware of that before) logging to a feed using a daily interval is also just fine to save memory.

Could he have used a virtual feed, or perhaps even the MySQL (RAM) engine?

Go on, I’ve never used Virtual Feeds TBH.

Just for the heck of it, I created two feeds. One that uses the MySQL (RAM) engine,
and a Virtual Feed. According to the “feed view” page, both are using 0 Bytes.
(That was after waiting a couple of minutes, then clicking on the Refresh feed size button)
Whether that’s an accurate reflection or not, I don’t know. But if it is, it’s in line with what the OP asked about.

Here’s a screenshot:

Ok, so a Virtual Feed is one that is not written to disk?

Not noticed the MySQL (RAM) engine before. I’d suggest the documentation on the Process Setup dialogue needs updating @TrystanLea.

@m46, if you were looking, this engine may need to be enabled in the settings.

Cheers Bill.

Yes, AIUI, that’s correct.


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