Sensor to Monitor Welding Arcs

Am not sure if this is the right forum.

I have a project to determine if an operator is performing welding or not. I used a clameter to measure current, when machine is in operation or not and am getting values.

I need to commit these values into database along with date and time.

Bottom line, I need a bill of materials from OEM to get this project a success.


Hi Sherwin,

I take it you meant to say you used a clamp meter.

The reason why you’re not getting any readings on your clamp meter is because welding is done with DC, and the clamp meter is designed to measure AC current.



Is there an OEM sensor for DC?

The OpenEnergyMonitor system primarily monitors single phase AC via clip on CT sensors and ac voltage adapter. A different approach is required for DC monitoring. We have some DIY DC solutions documented in the building blocks section

If each operator has their own welding transformer and rectifier, then your should be able to get a reasonable estimate of the power & energy used by measuring the current on the a.c. (input) side of the transformer, using a standard current transformer. But if several operators use the same d.c. supply, that will only tell you the total for all. This estimate will include losses in the transformer, etc. Only you can decide whether this will be sufficient for your needs.