Sending data once per day but seems to be recorded every 1 or 10 seconds

I have already posted a question about how to get correct end of day times. If interested it is this “EmonPi Time is wrong”.

I have another issue I just can’t understand and maybe I am just not understanding how EmonCMS works.

My ESP32 sends end of day data once per day. And by serial printing this event I can very it does Post to EmonCMS only once per day from my ESP32.

Then on my EmonPi I created a “Emoncms Fixed Interval TimeSeris” with a “Select interval” of 1d.

Below is what I see when I plot it as points where it looks like it is plotting constantly instead of once per day.

I don’t understand why it does this? Is this consuming memory for every point instead of once per day?

Thank you.

Make sure the “Limit to data interval” option is checked (it is by default) AND click the Reload button (even if Limit option is already checked). I’ve noticed that the chart will show points based on the fixed interval, and will only show the true period after a reload.

See if this helps you…

Check the CSV output to confirm.

Thank you for your reply Timbones.

Yes, it is check and it was checked when I posted the above screenshot.

Can you post a screen shot with all the options and confirm you clicked the reload button, please?

You might also try the Histogram option; often better for longer period data.

I need to apologize as I see my mistake.

I have always wondered how I can see the fixed interval after I have entered it as I worry I made a mistake.

Your request borpin made me see that it is right there below the graph where I see it is 900s or 15minutes.

I am not sure why but I somehow entered in this time instead of 1d.

So thank you, I know why and I also know how to check it.

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