Self Install

I have an existing Rolec unit I would like to replace with an OpenEVSE (which I will build with the kit). As such the wiring is already in place and should be a simple swap. Is this “legal” for me to do, or must I engage an electrician?

BTW I’m not a complete novice. I understand isolation before working and terminals require a certain torque, etc. I am just not a qualified electrician.


Have a read of this: Welcome to the Building Control Partnership website

Ultimately, do you know if you have the right sort of RCD that meets current regs? Do you know your installation earthing arrangements? Can you electrically test the installation once installed ie with a multifunction tester to verify the Earth connection value, RCD trip times etc? If not, it’s probably best to get a local electrician to do it for you for what it’s worth!

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Thank you for the information. I can see there is an element of ‘do it yourself’ but as ever there is more to it than at first thought.

Digging deeper our current Rolec was installed before the earthing requirement changes. So just with that in mind I will engage a professional. A Matt:e device or similar may be required as our Rolec is in a garage and installing an earthrod close by isn’t feasible.

Now my next question; are there any recommended OpenEVSE installers in the Surrey and Hampshire areas?!