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Self build ESVE; how do I connect the Wi-Fi?

Newbie here. I have built a ESVE with the latest Wi-Fi board and no display or EmonPi monitoring. I want to log into it by Wi-Fi and simply turn it on and off and set the charge current but can’t find all the instructions for doing the wi-fi connection. Why can’t I find the Open ESVE app in Google Playstore?

OpenEVSE / EmonEVSE Setup Guide - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor purports to tell me the answers but it presumes you have the app loaded but does not tell you how to do this.

There is no app, you connect to the OpenEVSE WiFi network on a phone or computer. Then setup via a browser on

Thanks, all working now. Thought I read somewhere that it works on Android and Apple which steered me to thinking it was an App.

Initially would not connect to car but realised it was because I’d left off the wire link from PCB mounting to earth and then used the wrong hole, which has no earth pad to it. How do I get a message to the PCB designer to say that the PCB needs more space around the mounting holes? Can’t get a nut runner onto the mounting studs on the 2 holes that have the earth pads, nor even a pair of long nosed pliers. Am not using the standard box that uses screws, which need less space, rather than nuts.