Searching phpfina results

Hi all,

After the crash of Maplin, I was forced to find myself a new role, and that I have now and am very happy.

However working for a small business has some pros as now I look after the server room and monitor the temperature, humidity and access of the critical systems and the room by way of raspberry pi running trusty emoncms.

I’ve set the feeds up as phpfina as normal, but now found myself wanting to report on the data to make a business case about upgrading the aircon we have in there.

In mysql it would be a simple select statement I would write and join the name of the feed, but is there anything similar I can do with phpfina?

I guess it’s a case of looking through the source code of the engine and reading all values and reporting only the ones in interested in.

Many thanks


I assume you know about > Electricity Monitoring > Emoncms Internals

To add to @Robert.Wall’s reply, This page on how PHPFina works might be useful Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor

and a little history of timeseries development in emoncms Learn | OpenEnergyMonitor