Rssi null

Hi, got a EmonPi, great : ) the RSSI feed is always Null, bearing in mind its a factory one, I assume it should register “something” any tips on where to look ?

thanks !

Where are you looking?

What are you receiving, or expecting to receive?

hi thanks for reply, ok, under “setup”, “inputs”, so I have like power 1 power 2, vrms, etc all showing figures, the RSSI one is NULL, what am I expecting, well good question haha, I assumed if it was on a factory build it would do something if im honest : ) I assumed it was wifi signal, I am willing to be quite wrong on that mind : ) the unit is connected to the LAN via wifi…


Is it just an EmonPi? The RSSI figure is only available if your Power measurement is being transmitted via RF. If you just have the EmonPi, the Power measurement is transmitted internally via serial (there is no RF transmission inside the EmonPi).

If you had an EmonTx and an EmonBase, you would see RSSI.

well that clears that up ! yes just a EmonPI : ) thanks for clearing it up :slight_smile: