Rfm69pi and realtime clock

is there a way to add the realtime clock if I use the rfm69pi?
The wiki only explains how to do this if you have an emonpi…

What’s your soldering or more accurately desoldering skills like?

If the rfm69pi was to have extended “stackable” headers where it attaches to the Pi’s GPIO so that there were male pins standing up on the topside, the RTC used in the emonPi wiki, would just plug straight in on top since the I²C pins are not connected on the rfm69pi.

So if you can replace the 10pin header on the RFM69Pi without damaging it, you could just fit a stacking header (and trim away the pins you don’t need?), alternatively you could just solder 4 small link wires between the RTC and the RFM69Pi.

But unfortunately there is no way to have both the RTC and the RFM69Pi without a little handywork with a soldering iron.

Once attached the same RTC code for the emonPi can be used on the emonBase (assuming the same model RTC)

Thanks Paul for the explanation and the drawings. Good to know it is doable.
I got some basic soldering skills soldering components on prototype PCBs, so I’ll have a look and see if it is worth the effort and risk.