Returning to OEM- Help!

Hi there,

I haven’t been involved in OEM for a couple of years now, and things have moved on!

I have a simple application - I want to monitor power use of some appliances using an EmonTx v3 (purchased 3 years back), using the UART cable straight to a laptop, and taking readings from the serial monitor.

I want to get the latest firmware, but when I look on Github, it all appears to be in .hex format. How do I use this in IDE?

This is probably a stupid question, but I’m very confused!


Welcome back!

No, if you look hard enough, it’s still there - readable!
You’ll need to watch out for the radio module. It will hang if you get the wrong one, so the safest will be to disable (take out) the r.f. bits anyway as you’re using the serial output.

Is yours a V3.2:
emonTxFirmware/emonTxV3_2_DiscreteSampling.ino at master · openenergymonitor/emonTxFirmware · GitHub

or a V3.4?

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Thanks a lot Robert.

I think I’ve got V 3.2 . I’ve found the code now- thanks. Will cut out the RF anyway to simplify the sketch.


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