Reset emonTX password

Dear all,
I have unfortunatly forgot my connection password I have set on my emonTX to connect to the ESP.
Is it safe to press the reset button. I do not want to flash my emonTX but just reset configurations.

Welcome, Pierre, to the OEM Forum.

Did you see the 'Search" icon at the top of this page? I found this post, which might help:

Hi Robert,
So, I have tried the reset button without noticing any change as in the post you are referring to.

If you disconnect your computer from your router, can you then connect the computer directly to the ESP by Wi-Fi?

Hi Robert, I have finally managed to recover the connexion to the ESP. So, problem solved.
Thanks for your help !

For anyone else who reads this later, did you find the ESP the way I suggested, or what did you need to do?

I have pressed the Reset button in different ways … holding 10s at startup. But it appears it was not very consistent and I had to redo it multiple times…

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