Reset Arduino

Good morning everyone.
I would like to know how to implement the emontx Arduino reset through whatchdog. I would like to call the “wdt_reset ();” in case of system failure.
My project consists of monitoring the current and voltage in a three-phase system and in case of failure due to any physical problem it would be interesting to reset the entire system.
The system is working normally, being monitored via the Arduino ADC, however, I would like to implement a reset in case of failures.
I thought of using something that involves the calcVI function (20.2000). I await suggestions. Thank you all.
My hardware:

01- Arduino UNO

02 - sct-013

03 - One 220v / 9v adapter

Have you looked at the Arduino website, or the emonTx sketches on GitHub?

The Arduino site should tell you and explain it, GitHub will show it in use with emonLib (which I think is what you are asking).