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Removing Post process jobs

I migrated from an old emon install to the 10.4 branch
so I recreated (and fixed a few things) my feeds etc
I copied the data from my old install and used the post process to re-generate the missing
data. In this case several of my kwh feeds.
I’ve updated the actual feed config - so I don’t need the post process jobs to generate the kwh feeds
So - how do I remove the post-process jobs that I don’t need now?


Hello @david, this was a missing feature, I’ve now added it in and released to stable (v2.1.6) if you want to update again to pull it in.

Hi @TrystanLea Ace thanks for adding that - it was nice to clean up the now unwanted jobs.

On a related note I’ve tried to add the battery simulation feed - as getting a battery is interesting.
The job says “31,720,892 points behind” When I run it it goes for a while then either the job is killed
or the whole raspberry crashes.
Its set up as a low-write version but I have it all on a hard drive.
Would it be better to make it not a low-write then try again? (if so how?!)