Removing old data from the feeds

Hi all. I have been using EmonCMS for about 4 years now and love it. Job well done to all developing it. I asked this question about 3 years ago and was told you can not delete old data from the feeds. I hope this has changed by now. So my qyestion is is there a way to delete data older than a certain date using a command line ? I run a lot of Pi’s in remote locations and would love to be able to only have 1 years data on the PI. So if there is a command that I can run on the command line that would be super. I am running the latest version of EMON.

Thanks all.

There is now a trim feature under the cog for each feed IIRC. Before updating (if you haven’t) please take a backup :smile:.

I’m pretty sure there is no batch mechanism but I could be wrong.

I am running 10.1.3-beta but I do not see the trim option at the inputs or Feeds.

@TrystanLea - the cog seems to have gone AWOL from the nodes on the Feeds page.

OK so not sure what to make of that? Did sombody remove it ?

There is a bug in the update meaning the controls are not showing. It will get fixed.

@TinkerMan, the UI has changed. Select the feed(s) you wish to trim, select delete from the menu items at the top and you will get an option to trim as well as delete.

I get this error if I select delete.


I then do get a windo but nothing happens if I select -1 year


@TrystanLea can you help?

Just to check you are up to date? you should be on V 10.1.2.

Powered by 10.1.3-beta

Ok, on master branch.

Which option are you using? Are you trying to delete the feed, clear it or trim it?

I want to trim it.

There’s a fix to the layout of the delete/trim/clear popup in the latest master, it should look like this:

I just tried timing a feed to October 2018 and it worked ok. I wonder if you could update again @TinkerMan and do a full page refresh just in case there is any issues with cached javascript.

Hi @TrystanLea

Where do i find this trim feature on please?

Quite obviously (not) click ‘delete’!!!

@TrystanLea this is poor UI IMHO

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Sorry @jbetech This feature is not currently available on

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Thanks for confirming @TrystanLea, it turned out i didn’t need it as the heatpump app was smart enough to only use the data for kWh Electric and kWh Heat when data for both was available.

I had been logging Electric kWh for some time. Then when i started logging heat kWh i though i best trim the data so the “All time history” in the heatpump app was correct. But it appears it does that for you.

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