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Remove Spike from "PHPTIMESERIES" in a "bargraph"


sorry for the getting back on this topic. I know or I believe I was once able to fix this but cannot find the relevant posts anymore. I have a “bargraph” visualization in a CMS Dashboard for a PHPTIMESERIES in EMONCMS which has a few spices which I would like to get get ride of to fix the total values.

Can you please share the description which tool or script I should use to remove the spikes from the PHPTIMESERIES? Everything I have found did not support this particular data series type.

Many thanks


Welcome, Fredi, to the forum.

In emonCMS, go to Visualisations:

  1. Select visualisation: EditRealtime
  2. Select the Feed you want to edit.
  3. Click View.

Then navigate to the point you want to change, but make sure you expand the timebase so that you can see every time value recorded. (When your cursor is over a value, a circle appears to mark the place.)

I’ve just set up a PHPTimeseries feed, and it’s worked for me. (V10.4)

Hallo Robert

many thanks for detailed description. I had to use EditDaily for this particular feed. It did not show up in the feed-list for EditRealtime. I was able to remove all the spikes. I am not sure what the best way is to get the spikes removed - but somehow it worked clicking either “save” new value or “delete”. It seems that it works best if the feed is zoomed in close to the spike.

It all worked out well and my Dashboards show correct values now

Best regards


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I had a glitch that zeroed out my cumulative totals a couple of years ago, that has bugged me ever since. I re-added the totals some time after the event, to give me the correct ongoing data, but the hole in the feeds between the time of the glitch and the fix causes some big swings in the historical graphs.
Is there a possibility that the facility already available to ‘multiply’ the data in the viewing window by a fixed amount could be expanded to ‘add’ and ‘subtract’ ?.