Remote triac power switching protocol

I’ve built a PV diverter based on an ESP8266. I need to use it to control a remote load via wireless. Robin’s Mk2 system uses an RFM module to do this based on the Jeelib protocol. Given that only a series of on/off pulses need to be transmitted, I wonder what is the simplest means of implementing this remote transmission. I can’t find any discussion on this subject.
On the site WiFi MQTT Control Relay Thermostat - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor MQTT is recommended for remote relay control using an 8266. Given that I already have an 8266, is MQTT a better, simpler solution than an RFM module with Jeelib?

Wireless, as in the 433 MHz ISM band as used by OEM and Mk2PVRouter, is not the same as WiFi.

Which you want to use probably depends on what you are using (or want to use) to switch the remote load.

If you want to use the ISM band and JeeLib format messages with the ESP, you’ll need to add a RFM69CW radio.

I know they are not the same but i don’t care. I can use either. I just want the simplest solution. The simplest hardware for me is to use the 8266 with wifi but does the associated software/protocol work with the triac control timing requirements?