Remote emoncms

Evening all
Starting to work things out, I have synced from my local emoncms to remote emoncms so I can upload my data onto heatpump monitor. The only thing wrong on my app view is the electric data is showing on the wrong my heat meter is showing till today but my electric is showing from tomorrow. Any ideas how I can get my electric to go under the heat meter.

Hello @Satwelsh I think the issue here is that the electric feed has been recorded locally at 5s resolution and then after uploading to it has fixed the interval to 10s extending the data into the future incorrectly. This is a bug I need to fix but in the mean time you can get around this by using the post process module on your local emonpi to downsample the electric feed so that it’s at 10s resolution

then link up the input processing to that newly created feed and sync the new feed up to again.

Hope that helps