Registration error, messages in the log

I installed EmonCMS on Qnap TS-239Pro with QTS4.2.4. But when I try to register, I get:


Help me please fix it.

I solved this problem - now I registered normally.

But there are a few more questions:

  1. I downloaded and installed the latest emoncms_master. BUT i see the installed version of 9.7.7. I install the same emoncms_Master on Synology NAS and see version 9.8.2. Why i see installed version 9.7.7 on Qnap?

  2. In Administration, I see the following in the logs (in 1 screenshot). In Putty, I enter these commands
    touch /var/log/emoncms.log
    chmod 666 /var/log/emoncms.log

, the file emoncms.log appears in /var/log. But if you reboot the Qnap NAS, this message appears again. How to fix it?