Register and Forgot Password not appearing

I installed Emoncms a few months ago on an ubuntu vm and only recently have been testing it and noticed I can’t seem to figure out how to add new users. Per other install guides and users images, I believe there should be Register and Forgot Password links on the login page, but those aren’t appearing on mine. I’ve tried updating my vm and updating to 10.2.0 of Emoncms, but I’m still not seeing anything. I’d honestly prefer to not allow users to register on their own and only be able to manually create users through my admin portal, but I don’t see an option for that anywhere either. Can someone help me figure out if there’s a way to create new users from the admin tab, or how to make the register link appear again?

Hello @qwick745, you can add the following to the interface section of settings.ini to enable this:

enable_multi_user = true
enable_rememberme = true
enable_password_reset = true
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Thanks for that - I’d tried adding those things to the settings.ini file but I didn’t realize they HAD to be in the [interface] section or they wouldn’t work.

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