Real Time Data Visualization not showing

Hi lovely community of OEM,

I’m able to get feeds and inputs from my sensors and came up with a dashboard. But under the “Visualization” tab, there are no real time data showing on the graph and I can’t add a “Real Time” graph to my dashboard as well as it says that I haven’t configure it.

Anyone else having the same issue? And how should I rectify this issue, asides from getting an RTC module?

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Hello @wiashik can you see any data if you try and access the feed via the feed list page using the graph interface? Is this a Pi based installation or or other?

Hi Trystan!

Yes I’m able to see the feed using the graph interface, I’m viewing the data via Pi based installation (assuming this means I’m directly connecting to my emonPi on LAN / Ethernet Cable).

May I also know what could be causing the missing data on the graph? (A huge chunk of missing data on Dec 6.

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Hello @wiashik thanks, good to know the data is recording and visible on the graph. Could the blank real time graphs reflect a period where the updates are not coming through as frequently as they should be? There would need to have been multiple updates within the selected 1,5,15,30,60 minute time period for you to see anything

Im not sure about the gaps, the fact that both emonth temperature feeds go off at the same time suggest something in the receiver or perhaps a piece of software called emonhub. Your system looks like its running a relatively old version of the software, it might be worth updating to the latest image on a new SD card via the upgrade method described here Update & Upgrade - Guide | OpenEnergyMonitor

Hi @TrystanLea, thank you for the assistance. I’ve figured out that I had to double click the graph to configure it on the dashboard for the data to show. As for the missing data, it could be just the sensors not sending signal out irregularly as they are rather old.

Is there a way to configure the temperature to update at every second in real time instead of every minute? Will it reduce the battery lifespan in this case?

Thank you for your assistance thus far!

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