Real time as an input

Is it possible to somehowa have real time value as an input?
F.example connecting arduino based clock into empty slot in emonpi normally used for temperature or so.

Because my only problem with emonpi is lack o f manipulation of readings in time, and that seems as a good solution

Hello @michal.grygowski yes this is possible, this blog post might be useful Adding a RTC to the emonPi - Blog | OpenEnergyMonitor

Do you mean can you record timestamps as data in emoncms feeds? If so, no not really.

The phptimeseries and phpfina feed engines store data as a 32bit double so there are 7 digits of precision so (for example) 1569674191 would be stored as 1569674000, the net result is that all timestamp values will be rounded to the nearest 16.66 mins IIRC. eg if you were using a phptimeseries feed and at 1569674191 you attempted to store a value of 1569674191, the result would be the 1569674191 datapoint would contain a value of 1569674000, as would the 1569674201 datapoint and so on until the value can round up to 1569675000.

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So there is no way to have time based calculations in inputs / feeds?