Read data from emonTx V3 with RFM433

Hi everyone ,
Is it possible to read the data sent by the emonTx by using a 433Mhz Wireless Serial Transceiver Module, connected to a raspberry PI ?
in other words do i really need to use the RFM69Pi 433Mhz Raspberry Pi Base Station Receiver Board , to read the data ?
Thank for your help

You’ve essentially answered your own question.
The RFM69 is a 433Mhz wireless serial transceiver module connected to a Raspberry Pi.

Are you asking if a module other than an RFM69 can be used?

Some users use a wired serial connection from an emonTx to a RPi. Is that what you’re asking about?

Someone in this forum already asked a few months ago.
Check this in GitHub - merbanan/rtl_433: Program to decode radio transmissions from devices on the ISM bands (and other frequencies). There is an entry about emonTx OpenEnergyMonitor.

I am using this hardware (rtl-sdr dongle) to read Oregon Thermometers. It works just fine.
Let us know your findings.


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Good memory Walt!
I’d forgotten about that one…