Raspian Stretch Install Problem

I’m doing my dissertation project which includes installing Oem and Home Assistant on Raspberry Pi with Stretch. I’ve already had Home Assistant in a venv and Emoncms installed once working fine (March version of Stretch).

I’ve done a clean install of Emoncms using emoncms/docs/RaspberryPi at master · emoncms/emoncms · GitHub successfully then ‘sudo poweroff’ for the day. Switched on yesterday and I don’t go past this screen …

I’d appreciate your support please. Thanks, Tony

p.s. I’m aware of the voltage issue with 5V 2.5A Pi charger arriving today. I still want the desktop and will intergrate Oem (in Welsh) and HA + components and sensors; ideally, I want to include motion data with my energy data in my own Db.

I would suggest waiting until you have the power supply before attempting any debugging as you could be wasting you time. It could simply be a power supply issue or whatever debugging you do or results you get could well be hampered by the poor power supply. We can see there was a 6 second pause in the boot up due to low power, during boot is when the most power is used.

Thanks Paul, however the problem persists with correct voltage. Is it the mmc0 not suporting the read-only mode?

Do the “low voltage” warnings persist with the new PSU or do you have different error messages or debug info to follow? The only errors shown relate to low voltage.

The message in the screen dump about mmc0 not supporting read-only mode I think is referring to the hardware switch you get on SDcards and says since it doesn’t support it “write enabled” is assumed which is normal running mode.

Personally I have never found installing emoncms to cause a failure like this, I cannot think of anything in that guide that could cause a boot issue, did you do anything that is not in that guide?

Did you expand the filesystem?

Does it still stall booting at the exact same point?

it stalls exactly at the same point and I’m sure I did expand the filesystem. It is a strange problem - especially since I’ve already had it running with no issues.

I reinstalled because I want to put Emoncms first then Home Assistant without a venv.

Firstly I have used DietPi with a great deal of success for this sort of setup. In addition I used the HASS.IO docker install which was absolutely flawless.

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FI - I found the problem when I re-flashed SD - there was only one partition for some reason!? It’s working without HA.

Thanks @borpin but I can’t install via docker from pi@emonpi(rw). I recon my best bet is what I had originally; stretch os with HA in venv and emon as CL install

I have produced a modified version of the emonSD setup guide for Debian Stretch which explains how to install Docker so it works with the RO/RW setup…


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Thanks @beaylott docker now installed, then I pulled latest image of Home Assistant:

sudo docker pull homeassistant/home-assistant

homeassistant/home-assistant latest 05e20ff36751 20 hours ago 1.55GB

But I can’t seem to run it - any ideas?

that image may not be suitable for the raspberry pi… use the run command here:

(you may need to delete old image using ‘docker rmi …’ as they give them same name

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thanks @beaylott you’re a star.

I have Oem working great and running HA in docker container, but not sure how to get HA working:
$ docker start home-assistant
… but not working on http://localhost:8123 and I’m running out of ideas

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docker start is for starting containers which have already been created but are stopped. In your case I am not sure if you have created a working container from the image in first place. You should ensure you have deleted all references to any previous non-working container using:

docker rm home-assistant

and then try

docker run -d --name="home-assistant" -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro --net=host homeassistant/raspberrypi3-homeassistant:0.69.1

I have just tried the above on a raspberry pi 3b+ and it works when I visit http://localhost:8123 etc.

You maybe better off posting on the HA forums about this as I have no direct experience with HA (although looks very nice).

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Thanks for your advice. I removed containers etc. unsuccessful yesterday. Now Done :slight_smile:
It seems I specified a folder on the above run without including a /config folder. The home assistant community was very helpful on reddit :+1:

Great. Sorry I should have made it clear yesterday you need to bind mount a config directory in (as described on the HA install page). The above run command should only be used to test if the container is working.