Rasperry Pi Booting Blocket

today I discover an issue on ntp service (service not loaded) and i reboot the emonPi to try to solve it but instead of solving it emonPi crashed displaying the message ‘Rasperry Pi Booting …’

Now I’m not able to connect to it and after an hour nothing happened

I don’t really know what to do, can someone help me?

Thank you

How old is the emonPi?

The simplest solution is to get a new SD Card, put a new version of emonSD onto it and put that in the emonPi. Then you can import all your data via USB.

I bougth my emonPi-Solar bundle november 2019 so it is really too early for problem on sd card!

How is possible to copy configuration and data to a new installation?

True (hence my question).

Does the IP appear on your network? Can you plug in an Ethernet cable?

my emonPi it’s normally connected by ethernet cable and wher it is blocket I can’t see in my network (normally my fritz box assign it a fixed ip address by dhcp)

I’m trying to found boot log to understand better the problem but I don’t found it

Yesterday I open emonPi and I check the 3 partition, (msdos with dosfsck, the other two with e2fsck) and it found some error but after correction I was able to copy then on my computer

I attach the image of the screen when the problem appened, the connection was closed when I reboot emonPi and after I was’t able to connect again

I am afraid you are a little stuck. If you have a spare SD Card, you could load Raspbian on it, mount the emonPi card and see if you can see what the problem is, but in truth, I suggest your only real route is to get a new SD Card. You could try the shop; as it was only sent out in Nov, they may send you one FOC.

When you get it you can use the USB method to copy across your data (assuming the card is good).

My suspicion is that the log partition has filled up.

As your suggestion I write to the shop and they send me another card FOC on Monday.

Thank you very much for your help

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No bother. Do you have a USB adapter so you can plug the old SD card into the emonPi to recover your data?