Raspberry Pi alternatives


Which boards do you recommend to run EmonCMS besides Raspberry? The shortage on the supply chain is a problem atm.

Thanks in advance.


If you just want to run Emoncms (and not emonhub) then I use a ProxmoxVE LXC Ubuntu container to run my main instance in. Just run the install script. Main advantage of PVE is automated snapshots.

Docker is more problematic as you need 3 containers for REDIS, MTSQL, and the main emoncms (Apache, PHP, Python etc) containers. There are a couple of threads on this but I don’t do Docker.

How do you want to use emoncms?

I want to gather information from my BMS and Inverter also. Do you have any suggestion?

I have used OrangePis in the past, but not installed it recently on one, but no reason for it not to work.

How do you plan to communicate with the BMS and Inverter?

I’m guessing the inverter via emonhub?

I’ve run Emoncms as above (PVE) for several years now, with emonhub on an OrangePi. Not an ‘out of the box’ solution but not that tricky either.

I am thinking maybe with a beagleboard.

If it runs a standard distro, it should work.

Do not know anyone who has tried though.

The part I’m a bit lost is the interfacing between the BMS and Inverter to emoncms, that part is done by EmonHub?


Whether you use emonhub depends on what each is and how you can access the data (HTTP API, Serial, Modbus etc). A number of inverters are used by members here (search for your model), but the BMS may be more problematic.

Raspberry pi production line is known-good and in South Wales. Whilst their professional buyers might at times get headaches sourcing enough chips for you, at least they are over here, and they will do the best possible. As with any British manufacturing capability, Use it or lose it, and we don’t want to lose this one. Therefore I’d prefer that indie makers and testers look for other projects than to rework emon for other imported hardware.