RAPI Sleep not working

Hello, any one using the RAPI on the OpenEVSE?

I’m trying to send some commands to the OpenEVSE via RAPI (happens in all methods, MQTT, HTTP and GUI RAPI). When I send the command $FS (to pause the charging), the system goes into sleep and returns to changing immediately after. If I press sleep in the web gui button or in the physic button, the system goes into sleep. I send the MQTT topic openevse/rapi/in/$FS or the http:/r?rapi=%24FS

The same happens if I try to remove the device from the sleep state

Is this a bug or I’m doing something wrong?

Firmware: 5.0.1

Protocol: 4.0.1

Firmware: 2.8.0

Thank You

Ok, I fund the problem, if I set a timer, I’m not able to override with the RAPI. I would like to keep the timer, but send commands to override it when I need to! Not Possible?

Thank You

So from what I can see, if I have a timer set, that I need to have to ensure that the car only charges in the cheapest time, and if for some reason I need to bypass and override the charging instruction, over rapi (i use a integration), I need to cancel the trimmer first, and then change the car. After that I need to reset the charger timer and turn it on again!

No way to force the charge if the system is sleeping, like with the physic button?!

Thank you

Try using the RAPI command $F1, this will emulate the push button, see:

F1 worked, if the car is plugged, otherwise the behavior is the same! But that works for me!

Thank you