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Random loss of OpenEVSE connection to Emoncms

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I have more or less successfully used my OpenEVSE for the last few years, but have experienced seemingly random loss of data connectivity to Emoncms. I don’t know what causes it and I don’t know what fixes it.

Previously, I’ve used some combination of reinitializing the Emoncms device configuration along with copying over the device key to OpenEVSE to connect them again. I think I’ve lost the connectivity 4-5 times over the last year and I don’t recall it ever reconnecting by itself. It’s incredibly frustrating as I would expect it to continue working once it has been setup. For reference, I’m using firmware 4.8.0 and wifi 2.7.4.

I’d appreciate any advice or help to resolve this. I don’t know what to try. It has not been connected for 3 days.