Ramp behavior in monitoring CT and voltage variables

First of all this is my first post in almost 2 years to be honest I have been busy reading, implementing and digging the OEM project for at least 2 years and I want to thank all of the community for all the available information that has been published in here, I have learned A LOT just by browsing and I just keep learning, this fullfills me a lot, I have been busy dealing with the hardware until recent days, that i started messing up with the software, really hope in the short term that I can give something back and start collaborating with some modules to the project.

Now to the issue at hand

I have installed my emonTX and my own emonCMS setup in an AWS E2C minimun specs with the idea to tweak emonCMS, to sample every second for my personal use, (emonCMS.org has an understandable 10 seconds limit), I have been succesfull on running all the services needed and started testing for the last 3 days posting at 5 seconds rate (lowest sample rate that can be chossen by the default emonCMS installation) and i was very happy with the outcome UNTIL i saw this happen (I didnt actually see it happen since I was sleeping)

I find it really odd and disturbing and my only guess is that FLOT is actually averaging values from the database in order of not missing, information on the short term, however i wopuld like to have a confrimation of my guess and where (file of emoncms master) can i find this behavior

As you can see “tension” (spanish for voltage) can bee seen just ramping up just like the 4 CTs until (im guessing again) communication between the emonTX and the emon Base has been restablished. Is this behaivior deliberated and working as intended or am i missing something? how can i prevent it?

In the end Im really interested in finding out what happened so basically the big question here would be, how can I trobleshoot this?

The only FACTS i do know are that the behaivor on my electrical installation was normal, with nothing out of the ordinary and that mi RSSI is -33 (at the momment keeping Emonbase at 2 meters from the EmonTX)

It looks like missing data. In graph select the option to ‘show missing data’. This will no longer draw lines to ‘ignore’ missing data. If data is missing then not a ramp up of CT.

Graph using the same ‘fixed interval’ as your send interval to see best detail.

Yes, this is how it works. But the voltage itself is not ramping up - the graph has drawn a straight line between the last value it received before communication was lost, and the first value it received when communication started again.

Therefore, for some reason, the data was either not sent or not received between 22:30 and 02:00.