Quick question: Does OpenEVSE send responses on its own?


I am pretty new to the OpenEvse. Does OpenEVSE send responses on its own?

Does EVSE send a message to the serial port when the EVSE boots up, or anything changes, and etc?
Or do I have to send (GET) commands to the EVSE through the serial port to know whether it boots up or anything changes?

Thank you.

Hello @Baasanjav_Jargalsaik, the OpenEVSE can be configured to send out its status os a periodic basis using either HTTP (when posting data to emoncms) or/and MQTT. It sounds like the MQTT option could do what you are after, you can then subscribe to the MQTT topics with either Emoncms, NodeRed or your own scripts depending on what you would like to do?

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Thank you very much for your time.

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The OpenEVSE WiFi HTTP and MQTT API’s are documented here:

See here for a quick start guide for how to setup the OpenEVSE posting to Emoncms:

Let us know if you have any further questions.