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Question Pre-order

Hello together and thanks @stuart for this great project.

I’m on it o Order the assambled PCBs, but JLCPCB is permanent with some parts in shortage

Thasts the actual state for the Batterie modules and thats the state for the Controller:

I have already ordered my first 16LiFePo4 280Ah batteries and would like to finish the BMS asap.

Is there someone who have these moules and a Controller for me (germany) or know a place to order them?
Thanks very much

Br Chris

Which controller board do you need have some spare v4 controllers

Thanks very much for the message, most important are the battery modules. The controller alone is not very useful :joy:

I have 14 v4.1 module boards fully assembled and one controller board (esp8266 version) also fully assembled.

If you are in the USA and interested drop me a message and we can work out the specifics.

Hi together, sorry i was out for some weks… I just checked again on JLC, and it looks muc better. only a issue witht e main resistors, someone know if I can also use this?

Thanks for the answer.
also thanks to @atanisoft and @Arden_King , but i would like to use the new controller with the TFT. unfortunately JLC would like to have ~85€ for 5 pc, do someone have one or two pc for me( arround germany)?