Question on graphs in IoTaWatt

I just received my IoTaWatt (very fast delivery… 1 week to AU) and I have it configured very simply at present and I’m trying to save a graph. In the Data viewer I can get a graph to display, but if under the “My Graphs” section I supply a graph name and click on save, no errors occur but I don’t seem to be able to find the entry.

I was expecting it to be added to the my graphs dropdown so I could bring up saved graphs (which I assume only save what I want to graph no a snapshot of the graph at the time) but there’s nothing in the dropdown.

I can’t see anything obvious that I’m missing. Is anyone able to tell what I’m doing wrong ?


Support for the graph save api was added in release 02_02_26 which is in ALPHA update class right now. This release is a few weeks old but contains a rewrite of the datalog system, so being cautious about pushing it to the general population. Anyone can subscribe to ALPHA with the standing caviat that it is not as tested as the general release.

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ok. Good to know its not just me :slight_smile: If it’s alpha then I’m happy to wait