Question about the size PV Plant

Firstly, good job for all of your works!
I am Belgium so sorry for my bad English…
I have a big PV plant (>3MWc) with a lot of inverters and my dataloggers are deprecated (dead more or less, because too old). My old dataloggers could monitor until 32 inverters. Is it possible to replace them with Emon Technology? how many EmonPi i have to buy to monitor a PV plant with 90 inverters?

Moreover, it’s a isolated location and with this size, i don’t think Wifi can be a good idea…Actually it’s located in an island in the Indian Ocean and I use GSM/GPRS to send me informations. EmonPi can use GSM/GPRS protocol to communicate?

Finally, your harwares are hard-wearing for an island ? (strong against humidity (>85%), salt/marine environnement, hot températures…)

Thank you very much for all your replies.


Thanks ! :slight_smile:

I’ll try to answer as many points as I can.

  1. You’ll find technical details about the environmental conditions for all the OEM products in the technical Wiki.
  2. I would assume that you want to record the current/power output from each inverter. How will you know that - can you communicate with the inverter, or must you measure the current? The answer will determine which and how many items you need.
  3. The normal means of communication between the emonTx and the emonBase is radio at 433 MHz (not WiFi). I don’t think that will be practical, as it appears that you will need possibly 90 stations all working on the same radio channel. Therefore, I think you might need to use a LAN and wired Ethernet or WiFi.