Question about emoncms billing model - is feed data hidden when account is overdue?

I have a longstanding account that I set up a while ago trying to get some 3 phase data logged, and it was not working 100% to my liking at the time and I forgot about it since. It’s been quietly runningfor a couple of months, and when I tried to check if it was working or not today I noticed my account is in arrears, and I cannot see any data on any of my feeds.

Does this mean no data was logged (which I suspect might be the case), or is the data hidden due to the billing status?

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I think that’s a question you need to ask at the shop: [email protected]

Hello @Elroc

  • At the moment logging is never disabled in relation to account billing, its just partially or fully hidden.
  • If the balance is less than £10 in negative balance then you should just see a closable pop up
  • If the balance is more than £10 in negative balance then all pages apart from the account page are hidden with a notice to review billing.

If your account has been unused for a long period of time and the existing data is not of use to you anymore, you can delete your account to clear the negative balance and create a new fresh account to start again.

Feel free to email me at the shop address provided by @Robert.Wall if you would like me to take a look at your account specifically.

Hope that helps