Query if I can run EmonCMS + NextCloud on single rpi

just wondering if it would be feasible to run emoncms & nextcloud (or similar that I want to use to access files from the WWW.)

My main concern was the data use of the Cloud software might compromise emoncms. I propose using a Pi 3 & a Seagate 4Gb USB drive. Emoncms data would also be saved on the hard disc (which is self-powered, so not impacting the rpi current draw)


It is but emoncms does modify the Apache setup so the 2 might need some fiddling to get setup correctly (I wouldn’t be able to help as never used nextcloud). Use the emonScripts rather than the SD image as the starting point and make sure all the data is written to the HD. Best route is to move the rootfs to the HDD to preserve the life of the SD card.