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PV Divert Time Override Current

I am waiting for my local utility to install my net meter, but in the meantime I setup and configured PV Divert for the OpenEVSE with ESP32. During my solar systems testing I had a chance to make sure this worked and everything seems to be right.

Since I have no solar excess I figured this would work as the timer override would kick in and charge the EV at night. It does, but I’ve noticed that the max current is being reset to 6A. I have to manually change that to ensure my EV is charged in the morning. It seems the PVDivert is resetting it.


on the divert page take move the “eco” to off.
This caught me out :slight_smile:


I did do that, but once the PV system is on hopefully soon would rather leave it in eco and checking it every time is a bit nuts. Not sure if a future update might ensure the set value of max charge current remains remembered and when the time override is on it will set the current to that max allowed.

This should happen automatically, what firmware version are you running?


I was kind of thinking it should, but it seems to not be occuring.